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How To Cash In On The Internet

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by Michael T. Glaspie ("Mike G")
Net marketers call me their "Secret Weapon"
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What others are saying about this incredible seminar!

"Dear Mike,

I listen and talk to about a dozen great people who are experts on Internet Marketing. But there is only one expert who consistently gives me info that I take action on--that's Mike Glaspie."

John Pizzuti Creator & CEO

"Hi Mike,

I really enjoyed the seminar. I learned that I must have a more agressive approach to my marketing strategy. Again thanks for all the information you provided. I took 2 pages of notes."


"Dear Michael,

I can't tell you how excited I am after listening to your seminar today. The amount of marketing information that you provided was incredible!"

Linda Faistl Lassen emember


I'd like to thank you for your free conference... your advice on banners was 1000% percent bang on.

Before the seminar, I was getting ZERO hits on my banners, not one in thousands of impressions. I followed your advice, ... and guess what? I'm getting HITS!

Your experience has proven invaluable to me, I don't think I could have even paid for these types of secrets, people just aren't willing to share this type of information if they want you to pay them to advertise for you. THANKS."

David Lelievre


I must say that the information you gave was 100 times more than I have gathered over the last six months running around the net like a headless chicken. "



Great seminar, LOADED with lots of info. Thanks!"

Richard Mazza

"Hello Michael,

First of all I would like to say that the seminar was outstanding!

I am new to the internet e-commerce, and marketing arenas and I have been totally lost the last few months. I have been fumbling around trying to figure out how to promote my sites and get more paying customers/prospects. With so many sites out there trying to sell their "Internet Marketing secrets" it was very refreshing to hear your seminar in the laid back, honest and concise way it was presented. I feel that you have lifted the veil on how to market on the internet properly and have given me some real insights on the subject. Thank you!"

Terrance Quezaire
Independent Representative
Excel Communications Inc.
Cognigen Networks Inc.

"Dear Mike,

...Anyone who has not employed these marketing wonders to their site yet just isnít serious about being at the top of their game."

Kenneth A. Kudra

"Hi, Michael:

I'm so glad that I listened to your seminar! I have listened to several of these kinds of seminars, on different subjects. Almost in all cases, they only give general concepts, which you often can find somewhere else for free anyway, left out specific, important details, until you purchase their programs.

But in your seminar, you've covered so much specific detailed information, tips and steps for successful internet marketing and provided great resources that're truly valuable. Thanks a lot!"


"Dear Mike,

I just have to tell you after 25+years in marketing, over 20 years a factory certified computer tech, I have learned to mute my "know-it-all" attitude. ... I really thought I had a handle on computing and networking. I learned enough in the first 15 minutes of your seminar to re-evaluate my understanding of the internet. That alone made it worthwhile. Thank you!"

Scott Trant
Desert Moon Gallery & Gifts

"Hi Mike,

The only thing I can say about your seminar is "unbelievable". It was a pleasure to listen to someone who has his members' interest at heart and who really wants to see them succeed. Thank you so much for the opportunity, knowledge and expert training. "

P. Evans
Hollywood, FL


Thank you for the opportunity to listen to your seminar. It was one of the most informative seminars I've ever listened to. Even though I'm new to Internet Marketing, I have been surfing the net for a number of years. During that time I have learned a lot on my own, but the insider information that was covered during your seminar will propel my marketing efforts to the next level and beyond. I expect my business to explode just by following a couple of ideas and concepts that were introduced to me. Excellent!!"

Don Crawford


You truly are the Guru's Guru. I'm just glad my competitors don't know about you. ;-) I learn more from a few minutes of just listening to you than I have in the past few years trying to figure it out on my own. I'm no newbie, but no one - and I mean No One - knows their stuff like you do! I would *highly recommend* this CD to anyone even remotely serious about making money Online.

Thanks for everything!"

Dustin Struckman


More comments from my students


Dear Friend,

If you have ever wondered how everyday people are making it big on the net, or how people who don't even have their own product or service are cashing in big time, you need to listen to this NO-HOLDS-BARRED SEMINAR. I'll show you how others are succeeding and how YOU can succeed on the net RIGHT NOW using the exact same principles and techniques I use every day. I'll hold nothing back... I'll show you every step you need to take.

There are 2 basic ways of marketing online - Passive and Pro-active.

Passive marketing is where you register with search engines and various directories and then hope for the best... It's a crap shoot and primarily why most people fail.

Pro-active marketing is where you utilize low and no cost direct marketing strategies to catapult your business to the next quantum level.


I will teach you completely, (not just dangle a teaser to sell more info):

  • The six IMMUTABLE laws of direct marketing online - not to be broken - EVER!

  • How to find and convince others to trade links with you , even if their site is many times more successful than yours, and the best kind of link and where to have it placed for maximum impact!

  • How to create a powerful and effective banner FREE and have it shown for you across the Internet, again FREE, limitless #'s of times.

  • How to use OPT-IN email marketing and send your message to a highly targeted and responsive list - without spamming. I'll show you how to do this FREE ALSO!!

  • How to use sponsorship advertising in popular, targeted newsletters (e-zines) to get your message to the right prospect - everytime! And even this method can be done FREE... I'll show you how.

  • Where and how to get a FREE merchant account set up for you. Start accepting credit card sales today!

  • How to (and why) you must set up your own 2-tier affiliate program!

  • How to get effortless FREE unlimited advertising - for life - simply incredible!

On this free seminar I promise to cover every detail and answer your every question.

Note: You can be successful on the net right now! Not sometime in the future! And I'll prove it to you FREE on this CD!

Stop wondering how to promote your site.

Stop spending good $'s to "Figure it Out" when you can get it all from me - FREE!

What I'll teach you --- I do EVERYDAY to grow my Online Business! And I'm not in the business of selling advice. I'll give it to you FREE!

I've had enormous success on the net with wildly successful sites... why pay hundreds of $$$ for this information from so-called "experts" who only make money selling info? Learn from someone who's BEEN THERE.

You'll definitely want to learn why people have paid $5,500 just for a seat in front of me for four days!

Why am I doing this?

Frankly, its because I really want you to become more successful. As your site makes more $$$, there's a very good chance you'll want to tap into the marketing resources my company makes available to you. No arm twisting.

And also, as your business becomes more successful, you and I can do things together like

• Trade Mailings
• Trade sponsorship Ads
• Exchange Links
• Join Each Others Program
• Etc., Etc., Etc.

So follow the directions below and get this CD in your hands NOW! Listen to it. And start making the Net work for you!


Michael T. Glaspie

PS: Make absolutely sure you listen to my CD within three days of receipt to qualify for your $15 bonus just for acquiring this CD... (The details about the bonus are on the CD, so you have to listen to it... fair enough?)

How To Get It!

There are two ways you can get the CD...

You can DOWNLOAD it, right now, so you can listen to it and start implementing the highly effective strategies I'll teach you immediately... right now... today!

Or, you can have a physical audio CD (or audio tape) mailed to you. You'll get professional-grade quality (it really is 10 times better than the download version) and a format you can take with you wherever you go... or to share with others. If you choose this option, I need to ask you to pay a very nominal fee, just to cover our shipping and handling expense. Please see below for different shipping options and their costs. Don't forget, the CD alone is valued at $69, but the strategies, tips and secrets I'll teach you can literally be worth a fortune to you!

Delivery Options
Option 1: Physical CD (or audio tape) by Mail (Highly Recommended)

Choose this option to order the CD by mail.

And I'll reimburse YOU with even more than the $15 bonus just for listening... I'll include you in my "FIRST ALERT" program where you will get the opportunity to join me in various money making programs BEFORE I tell our nearly 1,000,000 members and subscribers about them. This is a huge bonus and could literally make you thousands of $$$ with little or no effort!

Then you'll get a professional-grade quality (10 times better than the download version) and a format you can take wherever you go! You pay only a small shipping and handling fee (starting at just $6.47 for standard USPS in the U.S.), which is just to cover the cost of sending it to you. The CD and the incredible explosive secrets I'll share with you are absolutely FREE!

Option 2: Download e-CD

Choose this option to DOWNLOAD the How To Cash In On The Internet Seminar-on-CD. There are NO fees to download this incredible seminar. And best of all, there's no WAITING! You can listen to and start implementing the cutting edge strategies I'll share with you on this seminar TODAY! All FREE! (Note: due to the formatting required to make this seminar faster to download, the audio quality of the physical CD is considerably greater... see Mail option above.)

File size:

8MB (about 1 hour of live audio recording)

Approximate download times:

37 minutes at 28.8k
19 minutes at 56k
<1 minute at 1.5MB

System Requirements:
MP3 Player (get one now)
Sound Card/Speakers



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